homenews30th JUNE 2012

2012-06-3030th JUNE 2012

It's over, my contract with the Juventus expires today.

It's old news, but still, to know that it's "official" has its effect. It's not a sad moment for me, I have no regrets or nostalgia. Not anymore. In these days I've had an opportunity to to think over everything what happened in my last black and white season, to go back in the memories and live once again the best dream I've ever had.

All the memories, all my joys and triumphs and to be honest  even some recent bitter moments...I clearly see all these images today and at a certain moment they grow dim and almost dispel in that wonderful hug during my last match in Turin. This picture has it all, a picture of the moment that I want to have with me forever, a picture taken on the 13th of May and printed in my heart. Indelible.

Some time ago, before taking off for holidays, I emptied my locker in Vinovo and leaving the training camp I stopped at the spot where for many months you waited for me to have an autograph, a picture or just to shake hands... no matter whether it was scorching hot, raining or snowing. But this time it's my turn to say good bye and to thank you all like you did it for me.

Players come and go, the Juventus remains. My team mates are still there and I wish them all the best: I will always be their biggest fan. You, my fans are still there and you are the Juventus. Remains my jersey that I have always loved and will continue to love forever, I have always wanted and respected it without any dispensation or discounts. I'm happy that others can wear it after me, also and above all because number "10" since the names were put on the jersey always had my name on it. I'm happy for the player who'll be wearing it next year, I'm happy because somewhere - in Italy or in the other part of the world - right now, someone is dreaming of wearing this jersey. And I will be proud if that someone would want to trace my story, like I traced the stories of other champions, other examples, other legends.

Starting from tomorrow I won't be a Juventus player anymore, but I will always remain one of you.

Now it's time to start my new adventure. I'm enthusiastic about it like 19 summers ago.

Good bye, guys. Thank you for all.


This video is for all of you...

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