A stadium for a football player is like a theatre for an actor. 

Warmth, beauty, splendour that you can admire in one place more than another are incredibly important and even more, sometimes your performance can be influenced by the beauty of the place. This accounts for not only shows or concerts but also for football matches.

But sometimes the contrary can happen. You can have an image of a place more beautiful than it really is, just because of particularly splendid, touching and significant memories that connect you to this space.

I had the honor to play and experience incredible emotions at the most beautiful and evocative stadiums around the world and it was fantastic. What theatres, what stages, what audiences!

My "home" has always been Turin, even if I "moved" four times during the years. 

I scored my first goal at the Stadio Comunale, where I as a child I dreamt of being close to my heroes for whom I cheered.

This was a special stadium, also because in the following years it became our training ground, on which success was constructed through the work of an extraordinary group ( League titles, Champions League, The Intercontinental Cup…)

Then, there was Delle Alpi ( and that's what I meant when I said that a place can seem even more beautiful because of your memories…) following that the Olympic Stadium ( from 2006 formerly the Stadio Comunale), and, finally, the Juventus Stadium, the theatre of my last black-n-white scudetto.

I had the privilege to score in all four of these stadiums and I celebrated this unique and curious record four years ago, on the 24th of January, during the match between Juventus and Roma, the same match that will be played again today.

A very special day for all Juventus fans, because today is the anniversary of the passing of the Avvocato Agnelli, a charismatic person, totally unique for Juventus and not only. My thoughts are for him today.


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