homenewsHappy Birthday Roby

2017-02-18Happy Birthday Roby

Dear Roby,

Today is an important day for you but, believe me, it is als for all of us that love football and for me too, having trod part of my path alongside you.

I'm part of a generation a like yourself and others even if a couple of year separate us - of those which know what it means to "carry the bag of the elders". When I met you, in 1993, you for me were the greatest and to "carry your bag" was not a chore, but a dream a come true.

I arrived at the Juventus youth team from Padova at 18 years of age. You lifted the Golden Ball into the Turin sky, after taking us to victory in the UEFA Cup.
Roby, I learnt a great deal from you, I played alongside you, I was victorious with you. You were a great team mate, and when our paths at club level divided, to have inherited your jersey was an honor and a also great responsibility for me.

After which each time that we met, on the pitch, as opponents, we embraced with friendship and esteem.

Also today on your 50th birthday, I would also like to embrace you.

Happy birthday champ!


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